DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/saez.2022.20494
Veröffentlichung: 16.03.2022
Schweiz Ärzteztg. 2022;103(11):367

André Simon

Dr. med., Facharzt für Allgemeine Innere Medizin, Mitglied FMH, Zürich


Forgiveness is a human and spiritual adventure, situated in the midpoint of all religions. To forgive is an act of inner strength and not of weakness, as we are sometimes led to believe. However, the global village of the world lacks forgiveness.

In psychotherapy exists forgiveness in a moral and in a practical sense. Nevertheless, psychotherapists cannot give a prescription for forgiveness. Psychotherapy is a reconciliation path.

“Forget the insults” is extremely difficult. This is for the reason that we always remember, even when we pretend to forget. Put a lid on it (below are living scorpions) and always remains a grudge, difficulties or hatred smoldering under the ashes of scorpions.

The best way to forget something is to recognize, that others are fragile and not perfect. In this way, the evil done has no opportunity to grow. Oblivion is the elixir for the soul.

Our rancor is like a worm that destructs insidiously our soul and our life. Our life is too short to live it in resentments. To forgive means to look differently from another perspective, and free oneself of bitterness. Only in this way can we attain and realize desired ­objectives and achieve inner peace of mind and even happiness.

Forgiveness brings in our heart sunshine, inner peace and tranquillity into our life.

The secret for mental well-being is forgiveness.


Simon John-McHaffie / Unsplash



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