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Ausschreibung der Schweizerischen Herzstiftung

Veröffentlichung: 20.07.2022
Schweiz Ärzteztg. 2022;103(2930):942

Ausschreibung der Schweizerischen Herzstiftung

W. und L. Rutishauser Fund – Academic 
Career Advancement Travel Fellowship

The Swiss Heart Foundation is pleased to announce the «W. und L. Rutishauser Fund». The fund aims to sustain and enhance the high standard and quality of cardiovascular medical care in Switzerland through awarding travel fellowships for academic career advancement.

Applicants eligible for a travel fellowship have to be a fully qualified cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon aspiring to a full professorship at a Swiss University Hospital. The fellowship is intended to help support up to one or two of years of research and/or medical procedural training at an accredited and suitable institution abroad.

The age limit is 40 years at time of application. The application must be submitted in English.

There are no closing dates.

Further information and application forms can be found at

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